• You could be helping out a friend or a family member to live easier at home. Refer them to us.
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  • Serenity Home Health Care Services will be happy to conduct a home health needs assessment for you.
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Welcome to Serenity Home Health Care Services

We touch lives, we give hope, we help make life at home better and easier. It is a great privilege for us to be your chosen home health care agency. Serenity Home Health Care Services works hard to never disappoint clients when it comes to addressing home health care needs. We strive to meet your expectations and more.

Serenity Home Health Care Services provides individualized care and will promote the highest level of independence for our clients. As much as possible, we will encourage them to exercise their self-care skills to preserve their wellness as they spend their retirement or recovery at home.

Our services are a wonderful alternative for clients who choose to stay at home rather than be admitted for lengthy periods of time in the hospital or be confined in a skilled nursing facility or care home. With us, staying in your own home is possible where professionals will still be at hand to respond to your needs for effective health management.

About Us



To provide care with a combination of Experience and Dedication. To provide personalized support services and healthcare.